IT’s grand unified theory of storage

Ask IT professionals what their number one priority is in the next 12 months and in coming years and they’re likely to tell you increased usage of virtualization. No big surprise really since, for some time now, virtualization has been one of the most effective tools for driving efficiencies and effectiveness (and of course, saving money) across IT.

Driving those efficiencies, it turns out, will come in large part through convergence and consolidation virtualization brings about, and unified storage (or multiprotocol or federated storage) may be the key to making it all a reality. Why? Because while separate specialist storage platforms have gone a long way to increasing IT effectiveness, they’ve also taken their toll on resource efficiency – something unified storage can finally put a serious dent in.

Most IT pros know this already, of course. Which is why a recent survey revealed that 70% of organizations are [Read more…]