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Massive Transformative Purpose: Looking Back from the Future

As we gear up for our 2017 Innovation Executive Forum (IEF) tour we are pulling together the discussion theme which builds on the topic of Exponential Organizations a book published by Salim Ismail. The book explores: How fast-moving, low-cost companies are taking advantage of information to rapidly dominate the economy How established firms should respond How you can build your own “ … [Read More...]

Want innovation? Give your CIO time

Everyone wants to innovate. But who has the time? A group of high-level IT leaders gathered in San Diego for an exclusive round-table dinner. Lack of time was repeatedly pointed to as the biggest … [Read More...]

How one CIO transformed a million-dollar company with no IT

No resource planning software. No product development strategy. No IT. Add to that a household brand, millions of dollars of sales and exponential growth across the globe, and what do you get? Some … [Read More...]

Getting Hacked is Good: Innovation Executive Forum Security Council

You didn’t read that headline wrong. Getting hacked can be good. For CIO’s and Security Officers, suffering an attack, like a phishing or whaling scam, can actually be a good thing. Take for exa … [Read More...]

Whaling is getting worse. Here’s how you can stop it

With over $3 billion in damages over three years, not only are whaling attacks on the rise — they are evolving in new and nefarious ways to do more damage to your enterprise. This is the warning c … [Read More...]

Vox Pop: IT for the People, by the People in Montreal

Part 1: Bottoms Up: Driving change with grassroots strategies Fruitful relationships at the C-Level are crucial for IT leaders to drive change and innovation across the business. But there is often … [Read More...]