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How to drive innovation featuring Bask Iyer

Everything comes down to change Bask Iyer, officially titled Executive Vice President and CIO for Dell Technologies and VMware, has an impressive resume of past positions spanning 25 years in Fortune 100 companies and Silicon Valley high-tech firms, such as Johnson & Johnson and Juniper Networks. Luckily for our members, he found the time to speak with the Innovation Executive Forum during … [Read More...]

Finding Gold in the Chaos

How IT leaders identify, convert and monetize untapped resources The job of IT is sometimes akin to alchemy. You take a seemingly innocuous, non-valuable material and turn it into metaphorical … [Read More...]

How IT leaders help digital businesses thrive and survive in disruptive times

  Doing the impossible… Tackling the new and impossible was a theme emerging from our first CIO Table Talk event of 2017. From the magic trick of transforming data into a precious new revenue s … [Read More...]

Massive Transformative Purpose: Looking Back from the Future

As we gear up for our 2017 Innovation Executive Forum (IEF) tour we are pulling together the discussion theme which builds on the topic of Exponential Organizations a book published by Salim Is … [Read More...]

Want innovation? Give your CIO time

Everyone wants to innovate. But who has the time? A group of high-level IT leaders gathered in San Diego for an exclusive round-table dinner. Lack of time was repeatedly pointed to as the biggest … [Read More...]

How one CIO transformed a million-dollar company with no IT

No resource planning software. No product development strategy. No IT. Add to that a household brand, millions of dollars of sales and exponential growth across the globe, and what do you get? Some … [Read More...]