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It’s all about the human element for today’s IT leaders

We’ve enjoyed some wide-ranging and insightful discussions on all of our conference calls for the Innovation Executive Forum in 2017. To wrap up the year, we hosted a group of experts from public and private sectors who discussed the challenges they faced this year and opportunities they believe lay ahead for 2018. This group of experts were none other than IEF members: Shauna Begley, D … [Read More...]

Rising to the Digital Challenge

Across the business landscape, digital transformation is underway. While some industries may be slower to adapt than others, organizations in every vertical are embracing digitization. The move … [Read More...]

What to Make of Millennials

No matter how fast as tools, trends and technologies change, IT will still be about people. The CIO’s first concern is to provide people with the technology they need to do their jobs. But, the t … [Read More...]

The Changing CIO Report Card

The performance criteria for IT leaders is changing. IT is responsible for installing and maintaining the “plumbing” – the technical infrastructure that keeps the organization running. It also invol … [Read More...]

The CIO of Tomorrow: Jockey, Traffic Cop or Outsourcer-in-Chief?

In the past, we thought of IT as two broad categories: software development and infrastructure. Today, our thinking is a little different. Technology rolls out to users across the organization … [Read More...]

Meet the CIO of the Future

The job of an IT executive is sometimes a thankless one. The pace of change in the business ecosystem puts pressure on the IT department to implement better technology faster. Meanwhile, … [Read More...]