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Innovating from Every Angle

The words “innovation” and “technology” form a natural combination. And so, many organizations leave the business of innovating at the feet of the IT department. It often falls on IT leaders keep the “technology watch,” remaining ever on the lookout for the next best thing in digital transformation. … [Read More...]

The Evolving Role of IT

Today's ideal “IT person” is somewhat of a unicorn. To excel, they must be good with technology and with people. Their business skills are just as important as their technical prowess. For them, sel … [Read More...]

Sustaining Momentum on the Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is about making life easier. The IT leader strives to make getting things done as easy as possible, whether it’s for customers, internal users or the IT team itself. But this … [Read More...]

The Business-IT Partnership

Making a Better Business Once upon a time, IT was worlds apart from the business. Today, the two are inseparable. The IT leader no longer fulfils their role by responding to requirements and … [Read More...]

It’s all about the human element for today’s IT leaders

We’ve enjoyed some wide-ranging and insightful discussions on all of our conference calls for the Innovation Executive Forum in 2017. To wrap up the year, we hosted a group of experts from public a … [Read More...]

Rising to the Digital Challenge

Across the business landscape, digital transformation is underway. While some industries may be slower to adapt than others, organizations in every vertical are embracing digitization. The move … [Read More...]