A little info on our volunteer mission partner

For all the great causes we support, there’s still nothing quite so meaningful as going somewhere to actually help someone in need.

That’s why Developing World Connections coordinates international volunteer experiences. We provide regular people with the opportunity to experience the adventure of going to help people in the developing world.

For one or two weeks, you’ll work on a project selected by the host community. During this time, you’ll meet and work with the people you’re helping and see, first hand,the difference you’ve made.

We invite you to develop your world connections and to participate on an international volunteer experience that broadens the mind and nourishes the soul. 

By participating as a volunteer, and by working alongside locals and in a team, you will have the meaningful experience of being a global citizen. Meet people. Have fun. Challenge yourself. Have great memories and make the word a better place. Simply put, we offer meaningful adventures.

For more information visit: www.developingworldconnections.org

About Peter Cibula

Peter is a Territory Sales Manager at Softchoice.