It just got easier to bike to work!

Want to bike to work. but worried about the safety of your bike? Well, today the Liberty Village Business Association released their new Bike Here! program which launches twelve new bicycle racks, and three clusters of secure storage lockers, to make Softchoice’s neighbourhood friendlier to cyclists.

The twelve new bicycle racks are far from the ones you are used to, they are artist designed pieces, reflecting the creative spirit of the community. The designs were submitted late last year to the Bike Here! Committee, and those designs are featured on the central panels of the new racks.

Each of the twelve racks is a beautiful combination of form and function that both allow the cyclists to admire local artists, while granting reliable, safe storage space. In addition, the three bicycle storage lockers will give cyclists that have expensive bikes, an extra level of security and convenience. Safer than a rack, and easier than carrying them up and down in your office, these bicycle lockers will be available for a low $10 monthly rent from the Liberty Village BIA.

With Softchoice providing a green commute subsidy to those that leave their cars are home, and now with these new affordable lockers, the business case to bike to work is stronger than ever. Unsure about a safe route to take to work? Check out, which is an online tool that can show you multiple different routes (safe, safer, direct) to get from home to Softchoice.

About Melissa Alvares

Melissa was the head of Softchoice’s campaign marketing team, responsible for providing organizations with information on the latest technology trends, insights and solutions from the desktop to the data center.

  • Joseph Byer

    Lucky for us at Softchoice we have close by bike parking and facilities is cool about letting us bring our bikes indoors – plus the fact that we have showers for a rinse off when we get in! But this is huge for the neighbourhood that’s growing faster than ever. There’s lots of places I see bikes locked to railings along wheelchair ramps as there’s no good place to lock up. These new lockers and bike posts are really needed!

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