Pooch Profile: Director of Peanut Butter celebrates four years at Softchoice!

We have many canine colleagues around the Softchoice office, including our main man Lebowski. He just celebrated his four year anniversary (that’s 29 dog years to him!). In celebration of his contributions, he took some time out from shuffling papers, chewin’ a bone and chasing his tail to ‘get personal’ in our new monthly Pooch Profile!

Lebowski poses proudly for his four-year anniversary shot!

Name:  Lebowski “The Dude” Eddison    Age: 5.5 years

Breed:  Half dog, half amazing (Bullmastiff)

Position: Director of Peanut Butter

Owner: Robbie Eddison, IT Asset Management Team Lead, Toronto

Pet peeves:  Yappy humans, pants

Best known for: “The Dude” abides. (Yeh, I just referred to myself in the third person.)    

Favourite co-worker & why: Steve Leslie, SVP of Sales. We’re buddies, and I write a lot of his month-end sales updates.

Favourite thing about working at Softchoice: Spending time with my special lady, Chewbacca. I may outweigh her by 130 lbs., but we knows who’s boss…

Hopes & Dreams: One time, I dreamt I was chasing a rabbit. It was pretty awesome.

Getting all the kudos from his favourite co-worker Mr. Leslie

Spending quality time with his favourite lady Chewy


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