Shiloh, the Husky Lab: A Human Trapped in a Dog’s Body

Name/Nickname:  Shiloh Marie Eatherton

Age & Breed:  6 years old, female, lab/husky mix

Position:  Seattle Office Custodian (Vacuuming/inhaling a few loose snacks here and there…that’s my specialty!)

Owner:  Michelle Eatherton, Vendor Marketing Manager

Pet Peeves:  Dogs that act like dogs.  Have some class.

Talent:  My office  upbringing allowed me to hone my shredding skills.  I started off practicing on  paper.  Eventually I worked my way up to leather-bound binders and had a personal best of tearing one to pieces in just 90 seconds! As I’ve matured though, I have moved away from shredding (for some reason, not everyone finds that skill adorable) and have started to perfect the art of “counter-top culinary thievery”.  Recently, I scored a tray of meatloaf, half a sandwich and a few blueberries! It was a good day 🙂

Favorite Co-workers:  Robyn Eddison and Melissa Brune from Business Development. Melissa fell for my “begging” act every time with an endless treat supply in the Seattle office. I lost 4 lbs once I moved from Seattle to Wisconsin! (Good for my waistline; not so good for my treat cravings!) 

Hopes & Dreams:  I’d like to level with you here… I have always felt like a human trapped in a dog’s body.  Now that I’m getting some publicity, I feel like there’s a good opportunity to get the word out that it’s time people start treating me like a real person! Oh, except when it comes to giving me treats…please don’t stop giving me those. I like that part of being a dog!

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