Pooch Profile: Shorty shares her life as an office dog and napping philosophy

You don't look this good without a good 15 hours!

Name: Shorty Eddison

Nicknames: Shortstax, Shortskins, Nizzles …

Age & Breed: Turing 6 on June 15, Husky / German Shepard mix

Siblings: Snoop Eddison

Tenure at Softchoice: I’m a real office dog. I’ve been here since I was just a 2 month old pup. That’s almost 6 years and counting! 

Position: Current Senior Vice President of Napping, Toronto. Former NapTime Operations Director, Seattle.

Owners: Robyn Eddison, BD-Vendor Account Manager, Toronto and John Eddison, PRS-Operations & Analytics Manager, Toronto.

Best Friend at Softchoice: James Corless, SR Manager Integrated Technology Business Intelligence. We’ve worked together on a few assignments together. He’s a great guy and a talented napper!

Shining Moment: Once I caught a HUGE fish at the dog beach in Seattle. Some dogs chase squirrels, I like a bigger challenge!

Before Softchoice: I was actually a very successful model. In 2007, I was Miss September in the Mississauga Humane Society calendar! I’m retired from modeling now.  I will sign autographs upon request though!

If you want to get on my good side: I’m not much of a coffee canine, but I’ll take belly rubs and treats any day of the week! If you do a good job, I might give you a high-five.

Philosophy: There’s nothing a good snoozey can’t cure. I think everyone should stop by my desk for a daily napping workshop. I’ll talk about my nap time expertise! I’m think every employee should have their own donut bed. They’re just so comfy. They’d fit under everyone’s desk! We could have pre-meeting naps. We could have post-meeting naps! National Nap Day! The possibilities are endless!

All in day's work.


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