Pooch Profile: Gracie the Pug/ Jack Russell Terrier may be small but lives large!

Gracie is known to be a pretty territorial pup!Name: Gracie O’Neil

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Pug / Jack Russell Terrier

Owner: Jenn O’Neil, Leadership Development Coach, OD

Position: Director of Security / Tennis Ball Regional Manager

Tenure at Softchoice: 5.5 years of service, and counting

Best Friends at Softchoice: Pooch Co-workers Buddy, Snoop, Shorty and Buster! I also really like Jigs Sachdev, Ian Zagrodney, Jason Van Ravenswaay and the whole Fat Cats team!

Favourite quote: “Respect my space, and don’t mess with my favourite ball!”

Pastimes: When I’m not maintaining security standards at the office, I’m doing laps in the pool! Little dogs like me ‘gotta keep fit. A lifejacket? Are you kidding me? When you’re as awesome  as me, you just naturally float.

Dearest Ambition: To spend every day at the beach, playing fetch and shredding tennis balls.

Goals for the Future: To retire and live near a big, beautiful beach. Oh yeah, and it better be somewhere close to a tennis court.

A little more about me: I may be a lil’ rough around the edges, but don’t let that scare you away. I’m a lot of fun to be around, just don’t expect me to be ladylike! I love a good scramble playing tug-of-war or fetch. Not okay with you? Oh well.

Philosophy: I live life the way I want to live it, and that’s the only way to be. Go big, or go home.

Gracie’s car certainly doesn’t reflect her “go big, or go home” philosophy.


About Andrew Fraser

As our Communications Specialist Intern, Andrew’s goal is to share and communicate newsworthy stories, current trends and upcoming events at Softchoice.