Pooch Profile: Chewie the Havanese wants to be the boss one day!

Name: Chewbacca but most people call me Chewie or Chew-Chew.

I've got a tough job at Softchoice but somebody's got to do it.

Age & Breed:1 ½ year-old Havanese.

Position: Assessment Services Canine Consultant and Deputy Softchoice Greeter.

Owner: Jeff Pamenter, Services Consultant, ITAM Services

Pet Peeves: Shiny black dress shoes, high heels, and people who try to make me play tug’o’war. I’m a business dog, thank you very much, not a show dog!

Hidden Talent: I dance around like a bear when no one’s watching. (I know, I’m adorable.)

Favourite Co-workers: Carlos Martinez and Marko Borisavljevic are great for showing me the love. Robbie Eddison is my substitute mom (I am her son Lebowski’s main squeeze). And Nancy Clayton’s pretty awesome too…she sneaks me peanut butter. Ssshh, don’t tell my dad.

Hopes & Dreams: To grow a couple inches. Honestly, every new Softchoice dog starts out my size, but then they get mutant-huge, and I’m still only 6 pounds! I also want my own office where I’m the boss. Then I can hide from the crazy, high-heel shoe wearers! Oh, and it would be a dream come true to get an endless delivery of the finest squeaky toys or peanut butter. Or even better…squeaky toys covered in peanut butter!


About Sharon Beattie

Sharon is the Charity Liaison on the employee-led, Softchoice Cares Board. Sharon is also a member of Softchoice's Business Transformation Team, where she leads change projects across the organization.