Pooch Profile: Charlie the Vizsla is an aspiring model/actor who loves attention, naps and peanut butter!


Name: Charlie “The Lover” Tegtmeyer

Age: 10 months

Breed: Vizsla (Natural-born hunters, with hearts of gold)

Owner: Karl Tegtmeyer, BD – Vendor Sales Specialist, Seattle

Charlie’s Position at Softchoice: Charlie is the office ‘nap coordinator’ and an avid ‘attention-seeker’. Everyone loves Charlie, so he expects a lot of attention on a fairly regular basis. Charlie loves to paw people, demanding that they come over to visit and spend some quality time with him.

Tenure at Softchoice (How long has he been with us?) About 5 months

Best Friends at Softchoice: Sami

Favourite quote: “Where’s the food?”

Pastimes: “I love to sleep, and I could play with my toys and roll them around on the floor all day long. I also love to lick and paw people, getting them to focus all of their attention on me. Also, don’t be surprised or scared if I decide to lean on you – I just love having somewhere to rest my head.”

Most ambitious goal: “To get everyone in the office to pet and hug me! I expect a LOT of attention – what can I say?!”

What does the future look like? “To be honest, I would love to pursue a career in acting one day. Modelling would be fun, I suppose… my family always says I’m really photogenic, but I’m too modest to agree!”

Tell us a little more about yourself: “I am a natural-born hunter, blessed with a keen and observant nose and an undeniable love for chasing birds and small rodents. People tell me I run like a horse, but I don’t notice anything strange about the way I run! Other qualities? I guess I am energetic, gentle, super-affectionate and very sensitive. Oh yeah, I love peanut butter… a lot. So, if you see me around the office, don’t hesitate to sneak me a spoonful or two!”

Philosophy: “Never stop loving”




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