Look around – there are office supplies everywhere!

Have you ever found a handful of pens under your couch? Or guiltily eyed a stack of paper in your recycle bin? Giving them new life as office supplies is green and saves money.  Here are a couple of ideas for reusing supplies:

– Pens: think about those hotel pens you bring home from conventions. Or the ones you find when you are packing to move.  You can bring them into the office and stock them in the supply cabinet (the Delta hotels ones are from me!)

 Notepads: instead of using new paper for quick notes or mapping out ideas, why not use the back of your printouts. If you’d like to get “extra fancy” you can cut them down to 5 x 7″ pieces and attach with a binder clip.

– Paperclips: have you even been annoyed by paperclips on old documents? They are great for reusing and are more green than staples (nevermind they don’t wreck your nails when removing them!)

– Plants: we all know the benefit of plants in the office. What about throwing a “house-warming” party for new team members and give a plant for their desk as a gift?  Or put leftover fresh herbs in a vase with   your  bamboo plant to clean up the air even more (not to mention a delicious way to spruce up your lunch!)

Got anymore ideas? Send them to the Green Team – we are working on a Green Your Desk campaign and would love to be able to share your ideas with your colleages.

About Casey McCarthy

Casey has been a member of the Softchoice Green Team since early 2009, when she was recognized for her contributions to reducing Softchoice's carbon footprint in 2008.