Pooch Profile: Murphy may be little, but he’s a big star at Softchoice!

Name:  Murphy Walker

Nicknames:  Murph, Smurf, Murph-Smurf ….

Age:  8 months

Breed:  Cocker-Spaniel / Poodle, Male

Owner:  Jeremy Walker, PreSales Operations Specialist

Tenure at Softchoice: 4 months

Position and Duties: Jr. Distractions Officer, K9 Sigma Black Belt Certified

Best Friend at Softchoice: Fitz McKarney, Carin Terrier

Why I love Softchoice: So many dog owners, so many treats to earn. I’m a whole pound bigger since I came to Softchoice!

Pet Peeves: I may be small, but I hate being ignored. I like to get the undivided attention I deserve!

Favorite Pastime: When I’m not making sure everyone is really, really distracted upstairs, I head over to the Sales floor. Each and every visit to the Sales floor is another chance to showcase the Murphy Circus. Step right up! There are more than 11 tricks to showcase! Over 15 tickets sold in less than 3 months. Admission is just one piece of dehydrated chicken.

Dreams & Ambitions: Ever since I was just a little pup, I’ve wanted to become a circus performer. I love being in the spotlight. But the circus life doesn’t pay as well as IT, and a young dog’s gotta’ pay for kibble somehow! Maybe one day I’ll be a real show dog … but performing on the side is fun for now.

About Madeleine Lee

As Communications Specialist Intern, Madeleine is here to bring you buzz worthy stories from here at Softchoice.