Four Steps to Creating a Dog-Friendly Workplace

shorty and murphyAugust 26th marks National Dog Day in the United States, a day dedicated to celebrating man’s best friend and the companionship, aid, and unwavering loyalty they bring to their owners. What better way to celebrate our furry-friends than to let them follow us to the office? Not only is it a benefit for puppies (creating opportunities to socialize them with people and other dogs, giving them more exercise, and reducing anxiety by keeping them close to their owners) – bringing your dog to work also has benefits for employees. Having dogs around can actually increase productivity, reduce stress, and inspire creativity. [Read more…]

Pooch Profile: Charlie the Vizsla is an aspiring model/actor who loves attention, naps and peanut butter!


Name: Charlie “The Lover” Tegtmeyer

Age: 10 months

Breed: Vizsla (Natural-born hunters, with hearts of gold)

Owner: Karl Tegtmeyer, BD – Vendor Sales Specialist, Seattle

Charlie’s Position at Softchoice: Charlie is the office ‘nap coordinator’ and an avid ‘attention-seeker’. Everyone loves Charlie, so he expects a lot of attention on a fairly regular basis. Charlie loves to paw people, demanding that they come over to visit and spend some quality time with him.

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Putting the FUN in fundraising to help youth ‘dodge’ a lifetime of poverty

[Softchoice’s Jen Wood raised $1,425.00 to help homeless youth dodge a lifetime of poverty through a  fun game of classic schoolyard dodgeball!]

Back in April, the Softchoice Cares Board gave ‘Power 2 the People’ by encouraging employees to nominate a local charity that has impacted their lives. The Softchoice Cares Board allocated a pool of $25,000 to match every dollar raised from events held by contestants or employees who wanted to support their cause. The board also announced that the host who raised the most money and created the most engagement would receive an additional $15,000 for their chosen charity, with second place receiving $7,500 and third $2,500.

Jen Wood, a Human Resources Analyst at Softchoice in Toronto, became involved with Youth Without Shelter last year and she was introduced by a friend who was volunteering with the shelter at the time. He showed her an emotionally-charged video that featured a young man who lost everything and fell victim to a life fueled by addiction. Youth Without Shelter (YWS), a homeless shelter in Etobicoke, offered him free shelter and access to professional development workshops, tools and counselling support to help him get back on his feet. [Read more…]

Pooch Profile: Gracie the Pug/ Jack Russell Terrier may be small but lives large!

Gracie is known to be a pretty territorial pup!Name: Gracie O’Neil

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Pug / Jack Russell Terrier

Owner: Jenn O’Neil, Leadership Development Coach, OD

Position: Director of Security / Tennis Ball Regional Manager

Tenure at Softchoice: 5.5 years of service, and counting [Read more…]

Pooch Profile: Murphy may be little, but he’s a big star at Softchoice!

Name:  Murphy Walker

Nicknames:  Murph, Smurf, Murph-Smurf ….

Age:  8 months

Breed:  Cocker-Spaniel / Poodle, Male

Owner:  Jeremy Walker, PreSales Operations Specialist

Tenure at Softchoice: 4 months

Position and Duties: Jr. Distractions Officer, K9 Sigma Black Belt Certified

Best Friend at Softchoice: Fitz McKarney, Carin Terrier

Why I love Softchoice: So many dog owners, so many treats to earn. I’m a whole pound bigger since I came to Softchoice!

Pet Peeves: I may be small, but I hate being ignored. I like to get the undivided attention I deserve!

Favorite Pastime: When I’m not making sure everyone is really, really distracted upstairs, I head over to the Sales floor. Each and every visit to the Sales floor is another chance to showcase the Murphy Circus. Step right up! There are more than 11 tricks to showcase! Over 15 tickets sold in less than 3 months. Admission is just one piece of dehydrated chicken.

Dreams & Ambitions: Ever since I was just a little pup, I’ve wanted to become a circus performer. I love being in the spotlight. But the circus life doesn’t pay as well as IT, and a young dog’s gotta’ pay for kibble somehow! Maybe one day I’ll be a real show dog … but performing on the side is fun for now.

Six reasons to make man’s best friend, man’s best coworker.

Every dog has its day, and on June 22, thousands of canine best friends are accompanying their owners to work for the 14th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. But at many of North America’s Best Workplaces – including Google, Amazon and Build-A-Bear Workshop – have already unleashed their employees and let them bring their canine companions to work every day. Of course, Softchoice employees are also happy as a flea in a dog house (in a sense) to have our four-legged friends in the office!

Think you have a dog’s chance of implementing a dog-friendly workplace at your company, these six benefits – for both dogs and employees – may just help you make the case!  [Read more…]