Long Live Windows 10: The Last OS You’ll Ever Buy

Two years ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be the last-ever “version” of the OS.

Borne out of the struggle to convince Windows 7 users to make the switch to version 8, Microsoft took a different approach with version 10: It would be the last version they would “buy” outright and “own” in perpetuity. [Read more…]

How to Select Your First Cloud Workload


When it comes to the cloud, IT leaders need to be very careful about choosing which workloads to migrate first. This means starting with the right applications to drive value and build the momentum to do more.

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Getting ready for the end of Windows 7

Support for Windows 7 — arguably still the most popular OS on the market right now — is coming to an end. As of June 2018, nearly 40% of all PCs were still running Windows 7. Use of Windows 7 is even higher among businesses, at nearly 70%. [Read more…]