Load balancing and a whole lot more. [Citrix]

Citrix® NetScaler® VPX: Optimizing availability, performance and security for virtualized applications

An explosion in the cost, complexity and number of virtual applications is leading to out-of-control server sprawl for a growing number of organizations. Add to that the move toward more interactive and collaborative applications with Web 2.0 capabilities, and IT professionals are seeing some serious pressure on their organizations’ existing network infrastructures, not the least of which include meeting the expectations of users for 24/7 application availability and top-notch performance, and avoiding untold online security risks posed by the new virtualized application reality.

Unfortunately, throwing more servers, bandwidth and equipment at the problem is no longer an answer – if it ever was. In fact, doing so only adds cost and complexity to an already strained application delivery infrastructure.

Enter Citrix® NetScaler® VPX. This all-in-one virtual application delivery solution reduces the infrastructure’s number of servers and network devices and responds dynamically to changing workloads to ensure applications and services are always available offering:

  • Load balancing and intelligent application-layer health checks for 100% availability to web, application and database resources
  • Global server load balancing for business continuity and disaster recovery in multiple data center environments
  • Increased security with an integrated application firewall
  • Substantially lowered costs by offloading servers.

100% applications uptime 

NetScaler VPX’s proven layer 4-7 load balancing ensures 100% application and database uptime and no single point of failure by directing users to the right application and database resource. This powerful load balancing is extended worldwide with integrated [Read more…]