5 Stages of Cloud Adoption: Webinar Summary

5 Stages of Cloud Adoption

The public cloud is no longer a blip on your IT radar. Powered by Category 5 winds of change, it now covers every corner of the IT horizon. In 2017 alone, the cloud grew by almost 40% – a phenomenal growth rate for any technology. By 2020, 60% of IT infrastructure and 70% of software and IT services spending will be in the cloud. [Read more…]

The Battle for Cloud Adoption begins with your stakeholders

The Battle for Cloud Adoption begins with your stakeholders

3 ways to break through internal barriers to cloud adoption

The biggest obstacles to cloud adoption often have nothing to do with technology. In my experience, many cloud efforts fail due to misalignment with internal stakeholders.

Various departments reap the security, efficiency and flexibility benefits of the cloud. Yet, sometimes those very same groups are reluctant adopters. [Read more…]

Webinar Summary: How Cloud Storage Lowers Costs and Increases Data Protection

Data is now the world’s most valuable resource – the new oil that is driving global economy and business decisions everywhere. It is the lifeblood of your business’s competitive advantage, and must always be accessible and protected. [Read more…]