VMworld 2014: How new vRealize bundles compare to vCenter

VMworld 2014: How new vRealize bundles compare to vCenter

This week, VMware announced a major rebranding of numerous management products with many of them carrying a new name: vRealize. So what is vRealize and how does it relate to vCenter?

What is the new VMware vRealize product line?
The newly announced VMware vRealize product line is a bit confusing since it’s made up of a number of existing (and now renamed) products. Let’s look at these products, one by one:

VMware vRealize Cloud Management Platform



  • vRealize Operations is the new name for vCenter Operations Management Suite, which includes vRealize Operations Manager (formerly vCenter Operations Manager)
  • vRealize Configuration Manager is the new name for vCenter Configuration Manager
  • vRealize Infrastructure Navigator  is the new name for vCenter Infrastructure Navigator
  • vRealize Hyperic is the new name for vCenter Hyperic
  • vRealize Operations for Horizon is the new name for vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon
  • vRealize Automation is the new name for vCloud Automation Center
  • vRealize Application Services is the new name for vCloud Application Services
  • vRealize Automation Desktop is the new name for vCloud Automation Center Desktop
  • vRealize Business is the new name for IT Business Management Suite
  • vRealize Log Insight is the new name for vCenter Log Insight
  • vRealize Orchestrator is the new name for vCenter Orchestrator

As you can see, the vRealize bundles are made up of a number of different products and suites.

Besides the renaming, VMware also re-bundled some products. One example is that there is a new vRealize Operations Insight bundle. vRealize Operations Insight is an add-on to vSphere with Operations Management and is not sold in a standalone option.

vRealize Operations Insight is a combination of VMware Log Insight and the vCenter Operations Management Suite

As the graphic shows, vRealize Operations Insight is a combination of VMware Log Insight and the vCenter Operations Management Suite.

The vRealize Cloud Management platform was also repackaged. The vRealize Suite is available in advanced and enterprise editions and sold in per-processor or per-Operating Systems Instance (OSI) models. The vRealize Suite includes the following products: IT Business Management standard, vCloud Automation Center (VCAC), vCloud Operations Manager, and Log Insight. It’s designed to manage heterogeneous environments and hybrid clouds.

In another twist, VMware announced that a number of these vRealize applications are now available in a cloud-hosted option, giving customers the ability to leverage these advanced technologies as-a-service. It’s important to know that these cloud-hosted bundles will contain the words ‘vRealize Air’ in them, such as:

  • vRealize Cloud Management Platform Air
  • vRealize Operations Air
  • vRealize Automation Air
  • vRealize Business Air

How it works
The vRealize Suite is designed to provide operations and business management for the modern VMware-powered datacenter. According to VMware,“…vRealize enables technology managers to gain insights, make decisions and take action across the entire IT landscape.”

To implement vRealize, you will need VMware vSphere and vCenter.

How is vRealize is different from vCenter?
With the rebranding of VMware’s management product line, the only products remaining with the “vCenter” branding are vCenter and vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

While vCenter is still required for vSphere infrastructure management (and even for vRealize) it’s the vRealize Suite that is being used more for automation and management of applications, datacenter, cloud performance, capacity, and troubleshooting for both on and off-premise infrastructures.

To help you easily differentiate these two bundles:

  • vCenter is for centralized vSphere  infrastructure management
  • vRealize is for centralized  performance, capacity, automation, and log analysis of heterogeneous infrastructures

Why you should care
If you use any of the affected products, you should be educated on the latest VMware naming conventions. More importantly, you should be aware that no virtual infrastructure should lack a virtualization management tool that assists in preventing performance and capacity issues, and helps troubleshoot virtual infrastructure problems.

What you can do right now
I would encourage you to learn more about VMware’s management products and try them out in your own lab environment to see how they can help you. Many companies are over-provisioned, under provisioned, or just unprepared for the future. Additionally, vRealize can help you to automate the provisioning of your servers to speed deployment provide flexibility.

We concluded our webinar sessions convering the VMworld 2014 announcements. If you missed it, listen to the recording below! Our VMware experts took a deep dive into the announcements that will affect our clients the most:

Softchoice VMware experts discuss the VMworld 2014 announcements that affect you most

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