VMware Support & Subscription Renewals: 5 Things You Should Know

VMware SNS Renewals: Part 1

Have you received a notice from VMware that your licenses are up for renewal? Do you feel unsure if renewing your licenses is really worth it? If you plan on renewing your VMware subscriptions, the paperwork can be an administration nightmare, especially at a larger organization.

Here’s what you need to know:

VMware Support and Subscription (SnS) is broken into 2 categories:

1. Technical Support: Technical assistance from VMware Global Support Services (GSS) to a customer for installation, errors and analysis of problem reports. This support varies based on the service level contracted. Support channels include phone support, email support and online self-help resources.

 2.Subscription: The provision of major, minor and maintenance releases of the software and any corresponding documentation. Renewing your contract on time each year ensures that you can continue to receive software support and bug fixes/updates. Below, I explain 5 points to ponder for a smooth renewal process,  and discuss what to expect when you call Softchoice  about VMware Licenses

5 ways to guarantee a smooth VMware renewal process:

1. Start planning for your VMware renewals 90 days in advance of the expiration date.

It can take at least 3 days to get an accurate quote from VMware on what exactly needs to be renewed. You also want to give yourself time to review what you are renewing as you may have items no longer necessary for your environment.  If you leave this past the expiry date, VMware can charge a “re-instatement fee” which can cost 30% or more of your renewal.

2. Simplify your life with co-term license renewals.

Over years of running your virtual environment, you may have various support-end dates landing throughout the year.  Do you really have time to juggle approvals on several different VMware SnS contract-end dates in Outlook, written in a calendar, or worse, on post-its? Softchoice works with you to consolidate all your VMware support contracts onto 1 or 2 dates a year!

3. Ensure you have the support you need.

VMware’s terms and conditions say that, for all current and additional software licenses, you must renew your Services at the same Services level (e.g. Test, Development, QA, Production). You can save 10-15% when you have the right support levels for all of your products.

4. Troubleshoot common issues with your VMware account.

When helping customers with renewals, you may run into difficulty accessing licenses and finding missing licenses – especially if you manage a herd of users.

5. Stay AWAY from OEM licenses.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) licenses may initially save some money with some HP, DELL, or IBM equipment. However, if you are having VMware specific issues, you will need to push to Level 2 support. When it comes time to renew those licenses,  there may be some challenges in getting all your products covered correctly and showing up in MyVMware. You want to leverage a partner who has access to pull “Install Base Reports” and can negotiate on your behalf to get your renewal done correctly.

What to expect when you call Softchoice about VMware Licenses

Quote: We will work out the all of the details specific to your needs and send you a quote in about 3 business days from the day the quote is requested. Please note this process can take longer if it’s VMware’s quarter-end – we need to work with them to generate the quote for you.

Negotiation: When you receive the quote, review all of the options provided. You may want to discuss multi-year contracts, possible SnS options not on the quote (upgrades to Mission Critical support etc), pricing and other details before you decide to purchase.

Simplification – We will help cut unnecessary costs of complexity of your Licenses with VMware.  We can assist with merging accounts, uncovering unnecessary costs, verifying account and licensing accuracy and help you take advantage of any programs or promotion you qualify for.

Purchase: Once you send us the Purchase Order (PO), we will process it for you, and you’re done!

Got a burning question? Leave a comment below and we will answer as soon as we can. Or, read  Part 2 of this series: VMware SnS renewals explained Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to talk about purchasing or renewing your SnS? Contact your Softchoice Account Manager who can answer any additional questions you may have about your VMware SnS renewals.

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