Five Veeam Availability V9 Features no one knows about

Five Veeam Availability V9 Features no one knows about

The Veeam Availability Suite has achieved great popularity over the last three years. Users are delighted with its marquee capabilities such as high-speed backup and recovery, replication, verified data protection, and proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact occurs.

That said, did you know there are several features that are just as valuable, yet almost no one knows anything about them? Click to reveal!

The five hidden features of Veeam Availability:

Below, I dive into each feature and discuss how to take advantage of these often-missed features of Veeam Availability Suite.

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It’s not uncommon for a company to set up their backup schedule and let everything run automatically. Months can go by before a data loss incident necessitates a restore. The last thing you want to discover at this point is that your backups haven’t been running as expected. That’s why the testing of backups and restores is an industry best practice.

But testing is such a time consuming process: First, downloading the backup, if it’s deduplicated and compressed, it has to be un-deduped and uncompressed. Once that’s done, the data has to be rehydrated, VMs have to be powered on and networking set up. That’s why so few people have the time to manually test backups.

1. SureBackup: an easy way to automate backup and restore testing
This feature eliminates the hassle of backup testing while providing peace of mind that your data is always backed up properly and recoverable at any time you need it. It can be setup to run at any time and as often as desired. This is accomplished without exerting overhead on production systems. Custom scripts can be run to make sure applications are up and running. Email alerts notify you that your environment is safe and that last night’s backup is 100% recoverable in the event of a disaster.

2. Virtual Labs streamlines production testing
Building and maintaining your own test and development laboratory can be an expensive proposition, yet it will never accurately mirror production. Veeam Availability Virtual Lab enables you to use the storage you already have to test production VMs. Once testing is complete, the VM can be immediately moved from the virtual lab directly into production. Veeam Availability even takes care of all the migration details.

3. Quick Backup incrementally backs up multiple VMs
This feature allows you to look up the job to which the selected VM belongs and runs incremental backup for that VM only. If multiple jobs exist for the same VM, the one with the most recent restore point is used. This is particularly useful for application owners who want servers before making changes or doing development work – a far better option than letting anyone make snapshots.

4. Automatic Upgrade easy to set up
Veeam Availability has a setup wizard that makes it a piece of cake to set up automatic upgrades of Veeam components. Those with multiple backup servers in operation will appreciate the benefit of untended upgrades and the removal of yet another tedious task from their daily toils.

5. Tag-Based Job Population
Tag-based population is another example of how Veeam makes the backup administration function much easier. This great feature allows an IT admin to assign a newly created VM to a specific backup group so it is automatically added to that group’s backup schedule. All you need to do is; establish custom rules for all Windows machines, for example, so that every time a Windows-based VM is created, you just add the relevant tag and it is backed up once a week to the cloud or daily, as established by policy.

NEW! Veeam Availability 9
These are some of the best kept secrets of Veeam Availability Suite and they are available to anyone using version 8. And with the release of Veeam Availability 9, even more new tools are available. As it is agent-less, there is no need to purchase agents, hosts or VMs. Granular recovery allows you to recover individual emails, records or objects from any virtualized application or file system.

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