Infographic: You’re connecting to your employees in brand new ways, unfortunately the hackers are too

Learn how to adapt to more targeted and advanced persistent threats with our latest infographic created in partnership with Cisco.

Your data is moving in and out of the cloud, to all your employees, on many devices, at anytime and anywhere

The traditional style of protecting your data no longer exists. Keeping the bad guys outside the perimeter, and your data locked inside isn’t enough. That’s why we created this infographic in partnership with Cisco. It explains how security attacks have increased in sophistication, and created larger, more targeted and advanced persistent threats.

Scroll down and see how to adapt to these digital changes to protect yourself, your organization and your customers. If you’re unable to see the image below, click here to download the infographic as a PDF.

Softchoice Security Infographic

Access the Cisco 2016 Midyear Security Report here.

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