The good old days are over. Find out the new rules of security. [Sophos]

Each day, the media reminds us constantly of the risk involved with using the web & devices that allow us to connect with each other. But ultimately, it is the job of IT professionals to act as guardians. Once upon a time, these professionals only needed to worry about straightforward virus attacks. But times have changed, and what was once a leisure activity of a small group of IT marauders, has become a multi-billion dollar business.

Now that organized criminals relentlessly troll for vulnerabilities, the risk is high for any organization that uses technology in ordinary and legitimate ways. When using multiple platforms, on multiple devices, in multiple networks, organizations must update their protection beyond traditional antivirus, even when exposure lies in routine situations.

Letting your guard down can have dangerous consequences.

Sophos, a world leader in IT Security, has just released a new version of their award-winning software, Endpoint 10. Built to give your organization even better protection against malware infection and data loss, Endpoint 10 is complete security that environments of all size can implement.

Better performance: Sophos Endpoint 10 is now faster than ever before by whitelisting common OS files, so that you do not need to scan them if nothing changes. It will also identify files in your virtual machines that have been scanned previously, allowing the scanning footprint to be as lean as possible in your virtual environment.

Enhanced Web Protection: Sophos knows that the web is the world’s #1 source for malware; therefore, they have built-in a Web Filtering piece that works similar to a gateway appliance but syncs immediately with your clients through the cloud. Web protection will also scan the web for malicious websites before your browser can enter, while giving you the opportunity to block sites that may not fit the need of your organization – whether the clients are in the office or remote.

Built in Patch Assessment: Patching can be a time consuming activity in which rarely does any organization stay on top of it every Tuesday, yet critical in keeping vulnerabilities to a minimum. Sophos’ Patch Assessment add-on will identify, prioritize and scan for critical threat-related patches to help organize your schedule.

Deploy and manage Data Protection: Again, daily headlines frequently remind us that data loss has maybe become one of the largest threats to your organization. The loss of a laptop containing customer health records, or a misguided email with client SIN numbers can be crippling. Sophos Endpoint 10 contains DLP and Encryption functionality that can be deployed and managed via a central console.

Do you need to protect your organization?

Softchoice’s Sophos Technical Architect, Karly Pierce, is here to help you find the best solution for your environment.


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