Making Hybrid IT a Reality in 2017

Making Hybrid IT a Reality in 2017

Traditional IT – while continuing to innovate and bring new technology to the business – is not able to keep up with the rapid pace of change and innovation happening within the business. As a result, organizations are searching beyond traditional IT for new ways to increase agility, improve time to market, and more flexible consumption models that reduce the risk associated with large capital investments.

According to a recent Softchoice study of 1500 end users, 1-in-3 users have downloaded a cloud application without letting their IT department know and the majority don’t understand the risks.

As the study outlines, this creates a growing gap between the business needs and IT’s ability to deliver, often resulting in Shadow IT.

To address this problem, according to a survey by Gartner, 90% of CIO’s plan to leverage a Hybrid IT strategy to achieve the agility required by today’s business. To do this, IT leaders need to act quickly on three critical success factors:

#1. Public Cloud Adoption: adopting new cloud solution successfully to allow for greater flexibility.

#2. Data Center Transformation: renovate the core in order to mirror the same experience provided by the public cloud.

#3. Network Transformation: to deal with the increased complexity and load delivering applications from multiple environments.

Watch our whiteboard session Making Hybrid IT a Reality in 2017 where Softchoice experts in Hybrid IT provide guidance around: why Hybrid IT is important, the three critical success factors, common barriers to public cloud adoption, setting direction in the data center, considerations for the network and a sample blueprint for adopting Hybrid IT.

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