Productivity makes the case to get current and upgrade to AutoCAD 2012 [Autodesk]

You know that you could do your job that much better with a new version of AutoCAD 2012. But how well are you communicating that to the person holding the purse strings? If you are like many of us you find ways to get creative with what you have because the value just isn’t clear to the person making the decision. Kind of like Bill as seen below.

We’ve created a business case that will put the words in your mouth to articulate the benefits of having a new version of AutoCAD 2012.

One of the main reasons for upgrading is productivity. Ask yourself this:

  • How quickly and easily can you complete projects?
  • Are there manual processes that take a lot of time?
  • Could you benefit from using some of the newer timesaving technologies available in the latest software, such as reusing existing PDF-based design data?

If you were able to shave even a few hours each week off of your current workload, how much time could you save on existing projects and how many more projects could you complete?

Research shows that upgrading to a newer version of AutoCAD will increase productivity. The AutoCAD software productivity study showed an average improvement of 31 per cent for users who upgrade from 2008, and a 44 per cent overall productivity improvement for users who upgrade from 2008, while also upgrading their workstations and operating system.

The study also found there was a 50 per cent productivity gain due to new functionality in surface modeling, surface associativity and materials; a 40 per cent increase through the use of dimensional constraints and constraints in annotations; a 39 per cent increase due to the hatch enhancements and grip editing; and a 20 per cent productivity gain through the use of the ribbon interface, 3D gizmos, subject selection, navigating with the Autodesk ViewCube 3D navigation widget and ability to extrude a curved edge of a solid to create a surface.

What this boils down to — and what will make the case to management — is that you will be able to get more work done faster as a result of moving from AutoCAD 2008 to AutoCAD 2012. And these improvements can be so significant that they easily justify the cost of upgrading.


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