Landmark Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) means signficant savings [Adobe]

There are benefits to signing agreements. The organizations saving money on Microsoft with an enterprise agreement know this. As well, they know it frees them from administrative hassle with a true-up where new licenses are paid once a year.

Adobe is offering a similar program called the Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2, for Acrobat and Creative Suite software. The agreement will offer the most substantial discounts of any Adobe licensing program, and provides locked-in pricing for a three year term.

Here are three ways that it’ll make purchasing easier:

Reduce costs and achieve predictable pricing for three years based on your initial purchase plus Maintenance and Support. You’ll also reduce administrative hassles by moving to annual true-ups. Get additional discounts by standardizing on Adobe software across 100% of the computers in your organization. You can also apply points from EA 2 purchases to improve CLP discount levels.

Streamline software management by tracking your Adobe software licenses online. Even better you can easily add additional licenses as you need them.

Standardize Adobe software across your organization and reduce the IT overhead costs associated with supporting multiple versions of the same applications.

To qualify for the EA 2, customers need to make a minimum initial purchase of 100 new, upgrade, or upsell licenses with Maintenance and Support for products in either the Acrobat Family or the Creative Suite Family.

Join the Adobe Enterprise Agreement 2 licensing program by August 31, 2011, and take advantage of special introductory pricing. Contact your Softchoice Account Executive on or after June 27, 2011  to enroll (and those with a Cumulative Licensing Program agreeement will save even more).

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