How Enterprise Technology is Becoming as Intuitive as Consumer Tech

Why the Days of Lengthy and Expensive Onboarding May be Over 

When consumers buy a new device, they’ve come to expect a seamless configuration and setup process. While enterprise technology has failed to keep up, there may be hope yet. [Read more…]

Why Enterprises Interested In Digital Collaboration Should Pay Attention to Burning Man

5 Lessons to Learn From Burning ManThe common mantra of Burning Man attendees is that you don’t understand it until you’ve attended. And, an increasing number of tech industry practitioners are “getting it.”

The annual gathering of approximately 70,000 that congregate at a dried up river bed in the Nevada desert has welcomed some of the industry’s most esteemed players. Including the CEOs and founders of Google, Amazon, Reddit, Tesla, Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, WordPress and many more. [Read more…]

5 Ways you Could be Misunderstanding Cloud Usage and Costs

Before beginning your cloud journey, it’s important to recognize the impact usage and costs will have on your ultimate success.

[Read more…]