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Lasso Your Key IT Mandates for 2012 with IBM Software Solutions [IBM]

The complexity and demands on CIOs worldwide continues to grow exponentially, making executing your strategy and vision more difficult than ever. IBM recently surveyed more than 3,000 CIOs in more than 71 countries in 18 industries and the results are revealing.

Four key considerations that leading CIOs identified as mandates for IT leaders in 2012 include: Leverage, Expand, Transform and Pioneer.

The “Essential CIO” whitepaper provides insight into how leading organizations are enacting these four key mandates and why they matter in the coming year. Whether its *big data*, *cloud*, *storage solutions* or *security*, IBM meets the need and arms customers like you with the plan and artillery to be competitive in the new and relatively unknown landsape of IT in 2012. In addition to our comprehensive CIO Essentials Roadmap for 2012 resource, our Softchoice Advisor blog presents a brief overview of how IBM’s solutions match brilliantly to the key mandates and goals for CIOs around the globe.

Expand Data Management Solutions

Powerful data can bring great advantages including identifying opportunity, key action, and avoiding bumps in the road. Securing this investment is key. Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM’s  InfoSphere Optim Data Growth can both assist with taming and understanding rampant data growth with enterprise-proven archiving strategies. IBM can help you transform your data security approach by lowering cost, managing risk and bringing agility to your storage infrastructure.

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Avoid damaging data loss with full disk encryption [Symantec]

Today data is everywhere — whether you’re carrying it on a laptop in your briefcase or on a USB stick in your coat pocket. And it’s being accessed and used by employees, customers and partners, in the office and on the go.

At the same time, endpoints are more vulnerable than ever before, with a constantly changing threat landscape that extends beyond viruses. The number of ways we can store and share information means all the devices that make our lives easier also become critical points of failure for an organization.

With increasingly mobile workforces, it’s important for a security solution to protect data outside of the office. That solution should address a diversity of devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets to USB sticks — as well as the various applications running on those devices.

Oftentimes, however, there’s a disconnect between what organizations need to protect against data loss and what they think they need to protect. [Read more…]

Managed print services can save money — and a whole lot more [HP]

Is your aging printer fleet taking over your life? Like weeds or barnacles, old printers start growing all over your fleet, decreasing productivity and increasing management headaches.

New printers and managed print services could be the right option for your company — and they may be much more cost-effective than you realize.

Most organizations are focused most intensely on the bottom line. And since printers are often considered a commodity, not a lot of thought is always put into printing solutions with the norm being ordering the corporate standard.

Managed print services is a print solution that can save you money, but an MPS program can also solve a lot of management issues you may be having with your aging fleet. MPS turns your printer purchase into a much bigger solution.

So what exactly is MPS? Managed print services means a lot of different things. For some, it means the vendor refills paper and toner, and billing is cost-per-page. [Read more…]