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Vendor Lock-in and the Cloud, What Does it all Mean? 

I’ve been knee-deep in cloud technologies for the last five years, working with startups to Fortune 500 organizations.  Surprisingly, the concern of “Vendor Lock-in” didn’t start popping up until about a year and a half to two years ago.  Realizing this, a couple of questions popped into my head

Computrade Malaysia Moves 2 TBs Between Clouds with Carbonite Migrate

IT solutions distributor Computrade Technology Malaysia recently used Carbonite Migrate Powered by DoubleTake to move more than 2 TB of Linux and Windows-based data from one Alibaba Cloud data center to another. Computrade, a Carbonite Partner, followed up the impressive workload migration with a second migration. This time, the company used Carbonite Migrate to move more than […]

Here’s How to Know When You’ve Struck Meeting Gold.

Tick tock, tick tock … We’ve all been guilty at some point of watching the slow progress of the clock as we sit through yet another meeting that would have been better handled through a group message or email. While we often fixate on “meetings gone wrong,” there are also those amazing meetings that truly made an […]

6 Ways to Come Up with a Winning Webinar Topic

Maybe you’re stuck for new ideas. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with a handful of webinar topics rolling around in your head at any given time. Either way, the real trick is coming up with a webinar topic that will deliver value and drive action. It’s not always easy, but we’re here to […]

Debunking Internet Safety Myths

Not only is June the beginning of the warm summer months and the unofficial start to wedding season, but it’s also Internet Safety Month! If you want to enjoy the season and take a vacation from hackers, it’s time to be honest about your behaviors on the web. This is the perfect time to evaluate your practices when it comes to online security and see where you can make […]

Going Global: How to Conquer Support Across Continents

Supporting customers is hard enough, but what’s it like supporting global customers? Even harder. Language barriers, time-zones, and the inevitable range in customer’s technical acumen and communication preferences make it a delicate balancing act. For global cloud communications provider Mitel, engaging a diverse customer base on its own varied terms is a high priority challenge: How can you […]