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Workplace 2.0 is here. Are you ready?

Technology has made the traditional “office job” outdated. Today, employees have a wealth of technology options – and expectations – in the workplace. They see poor technology and inflexible work arrangements as a sign you’re behind the times.

The Cisco Collaboration Summit, and the Principle of “Simple”

In April, I attended the Cisco Collaboration Summit. It was an opportunity to gather insight about Cisco’s new collaboration portfolio, and to meet the innovators behind its execution. This year, the focus was on simplicity. As Senior Vice President Rowan Troloppe said in the keynote address, the company obsesses over the principle of “simple.” Staying […]

3 common myths about Office 365 data protection

Microsoft forecasts that two-thirds of Office 365 business users will adopt cloud by June 2019. The reason is simple. Today’s mobile users need anytime, anywhere access to their files, and the cloud makes that dead-easy. But, while accessing your data is simple with Office 365, data protection it isn’t so straightforward. Many users are unfamiliar with […]

You Can Climb the GDPR Mountain with This Roadmap

GDPR is here. It happened quickly. A little too quickly, for a lot of organizations. Recently, 69% of companies polled by Veritas said they were still working on GDPR compliance. This isn’t what regulators want to hear. And those regulators can hand out huge fines.

Cisco Enterprise Agreements: How to Do Them Right

Cisco Enterprise Agreements (EAs) can be great for Cisco customers. No, scratch that, they can be amazing. Without one, you’re buying everything piecemeal, which is a hassle and can lead to constant stress about managing a sprawling variety of tools. With an EA, you’ve got a unified package that’s elegant, easy to manage, and often […]

How Enterprise Technology is Becoming as Intuitive as Consumer Tech

Why the Days of Lengthy and Expensive Onboarding May be Over  When consumers buy a new device, they’ve come to expect a seamless configuration and setup process. While enterprise technology has failed to keep up, there may be hope yet.