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3 Reasons It’s Time to Get Creative with Adobe Licences

You’ve always maintained individual licenses for your business-critical software. If your organization is in one of many verticals that use design tools, there’s a good chance Adobe products are on that list. Like many vendors, Adobe has moved to pure subscription licensing with Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprises offers enterprise-level capability, efficiency, and […]

Why Now is the Time to Move to Cloud Collaboration

Unless you’re a company of one, communications is the backbone of your organization’s productivity. But that backbone may soon break under the weight of obsolesce, making now the ideal time to look into how cloud can shore it up today and brace it for the future.

3 Reasons to Plan Your CUCM Upgrade Now

Communication is key to your business. Even for a day, a failing communications infrastructure could mean heavy losses. Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM), formerly CallManager, is the market leading call management platform with tens of millions of soft clients deployed. It connects telephony, video and other collaboration endpoints in your organization.

How to choose the best mobile device for your workforce

With so many great devices on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best to supply to your workforce. Given the productivity and efficiency gains possible from equipping employees with the right device, this isn’t a buying decision to take lightly. To help solve this purchasing dilemma, we posed the most […]

5 Cases for Keeping Your AutoCAD Up-to-Date

Working without the latest tools of the trade puts you at a disadvantage in any profession. Missing the latest features means your employees aren’t as well-equipped as they could be. For design professionals, Autodesk BIM and CAD software are often must-have items in the toolbox.

Elite x3: Could a Phone Replace Your Work PC?

How App Virtualization Makes This Possible Two years ago, Wired Magazine predicted the smartphone could replace the PC as your only computing device. Could this prediction now be coming true, even in a work context?