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Cyborgsecurity with IBM Watson Advisor

There is a disappointing trend in cybersecurity – there’s more cybersecurity spending than ever, with fewer returns. This year, Gartner projects that enterprises will spend 8% more on security than in 2017. Meanwhile, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of significant data breaches grew 37% last year. Why are breaches growing with spending? There’s no […]

The CIO as Technology Orchestrator

The Technology Orchestrator sets the organizational direction, they contribute to customer focus, and they drive business excellence across all verticals.

A Decade of Cloud Computing and the Evolution of Security Sentiment

Over the past decade, public sentiment toward cloud security has drastically improved. A look back at headlines from 2008 reveals the public’s apprehension toward the cloud and its security measures. “Cloud computing is a trap…” one headline claimed, while another asked, “How can we trust the cloud, Net or whatever “it” is if we can’t know where […]

How Meraki Makes Security Demands Less Demanding

One of the greatest threats to cybersecurity is human error. According to UK consultancy Willis Towers Watson, careless behavior causes 90% of data breaches. The finest threat intelligence in the world won’t matter if your administrator fails to configure your networks properly. Anti-malware solutions won’t matter if they’re not consistently applied. If one phish gets through […]

The State of Cloud Readiness: Where Do IT Leaders Go Wrong?

In 2006, Amazon launched Elastic Compute Cloud – widely considered to be the first cloud service on the market. Since then, we’ve heard plenty of conversations about the opportunities of cloud computing. But more than a decade later, cloud migration continues to be a source of anxiety for IT leaders.

IBM Can Make Your Apps Fly in Formation

App Connect connects and syncs data between Cloud-native applications and On-premise back-end systems. Companies are using these capabilities to connect far-flung departments and enhance the customer experience. Let’s demonstrate how this works with a couple of use cases.