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Public cloud outages – 20:20 hindsight

On February 28th Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud infrastructure provider for the likes of Netflix, Comcast, Adobe, Dow Jones, GE, and even NASA, suffered at the hands of “Murphy’s Law”. While debugging an issue within the S3 billing system, an incorrectly entered command removed a larger than expected amount of server capacity. This unexpected loss of available capacity forced the remaining servers supporting the subsystem to restart, creating a degradation of service that caused a ripple effect across other services supported by S3. Click to learn more.

3 Best Practices for Reducing and Governing Cloud Spend

The original version of this post was contributed by Rachel Dines, Director of Product Marketing at CloudHealth Technologies. and featured on the CloudHealth Tech Blog. Amazon Web Services (AWS) started what I like to refer to as the “Cloud Gold Rush” in 2006. They began offering storage at a monthly rate of 15 cents per GB, and compute […]

The Top 5 Reasons Enterprises go with Unlocked Smartphones

Unlocked phones from OEMs like Samsung has changed the game – Being able to swap SIM cards means more control along with key cost and flexibility benefits.

16 Upgrade FAQs for Backup Exec 16

If you’re considering Backup Exec 16, this article has (almost) every detail you need to know in 16 answers. This release has the many technology partners of Veritas very excited and for good reasons.

4 compelling benefits of Microsoft Surface to include in your business case

Case When Microsoft entered the hardware industry and introduced specs for the initial Microsoft Surface Pro, some were skeptical about whether it could compete in the marketplace. Now that the latest generation of Microsoft Surface devices has been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide, success is undeniable. Many users have switched to Surface and given […]

Flash = the IT IQ test for 2016

I’m finding a lot of customers are “stuck.” They are too paralyzed by the sheer number of things they are trying to make sense of to create patterns, to set priorities. Flash is that simple, no-brainer thing. It’s why flash is also the “IQ test” for 2016